Green Mountain Granite Products

Green Mountain Granite

A fine to medium granitic gneiss featuring a grey blue base, with earth tones, buffs, and garnet incisions. Hand split face reveals beautiful striations and occasional fine mica.

Stone CutsSizeFacing AreaCoveragePallet WT
Ashlar Split Face3″ to 6″ thick
4″ to 12″ height
1/4 to 2 sq. ft.35-40 sq. ft./ton3600-4400 lbs
Mosaic Veneer3″ to 6″ thick3/4 to 3 sq. ft.35-40 sq. ft./ton3700-4300 lbs
Roughly Square and Rectangular3″ to 5″ thick 1/4 to 3 sq. ft.35-40 sq. ft./ton3700-4400 lbs
Ledgestone3″ to 6″ thick
3″ to 5″ height
4″ to 18″ length
35-40 sq. ft./ton3000-4000 lbs
Flagging Stone1″ to 3″ thick1 to 6 sq. ft.60+ sq. ft./ton3400-3900 lbs
Oversized Flagging Stone1″ to 4″ thick4 to 15 sq. ft.50 sq. ft./ton3000-4300 lbs
Wall Stone3″ to 12″ thick1/2 to 2 sq. ft.18 cu/ton3600-4200 lbs
Thin Wall Stone1″ to 3″ thick1/4 to 1 sq. ft.Approximately
13 cu/ton
3300-3700 lbs
Thin Stone Veneer3/4″ to 1 1/4″ thickLedgestone: above
Mosaic: 1/4 – 2 sq. ft.
Square & Rec.: 1/4 – 2 sq. ft.
100 sq. ft./pallet1100-1500 lbs

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